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Get a Life

My facebook was briefly exploding with morons upset about the election. Gay marriage! Marijuana!

This is America. You don’t have to go to liquor stores, strip clubs, porn sites, rock concerts, pharmacies, coffee shops, libraries, or factory farms if you think these things or their related concepts are immoral. So unless you are Amish and vote against every law, license or politician who is for drinking, smoking, gambling, pornography, pre marital sex, birth control, no one really cares what you think.

Some of these people happen to be in the military! Which is now an immoral hotbed of perversion and gay sex! Our commander-in-chief dumped “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”! Scandal.



I was going to write a big long expose on the US Presidential Election. Then I realized I don’t have the insight for such a thing.

Instead, I’ll say this:
You cannot vote for Mitt Romney. He is tier of candidate who knew he could not win the Republican nomination except when the election was against an incumbent Democrat. He is NOT the best Republican candidate.

Vote for Obama. Let the Republicans come to their senses.

In 2016 lets talk about a real election between some real candidates of substance.

The Worst Part of My Day

Is right after I read Cracked.com
Its all downhill from there

A New Star Wars Film? By Disney?

It better include an ethnic princess or Disney will lose all credibility.

Seriously though, why does every franchise need indulgent three part releases? The Hobbit? Now a second set for SW. Maybe if they hand it to Nolan….

No, just freeze me in carbonite until 2020 please

Photo I took during Ike of my poor van

Photo I took during Ike of my poor van

Re Too High

There is a storm on the east coast. Sandy has been tearing up my two friends’ lives. They live in Brooklyn and Boston. I sit comfortably in my kitchen drinking homebrew porter and eating M&M’s. Four years ago I was not so lucky.

Ike had, in September 2008, a horrible residual hurricane for parts of the Midwest and some Eastern states. The first few days of the month had warning of what was to come. Perhaps I did not take things so seriously.  The weekend it showed up in my area, I went to work as a lifeguard at the Y. The power soon was cutoff, closing the indoor pool. The lifeguards were sent home.

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Then again, I don’t think I know too many iPad/tablet owners. Well, I have more important things to do than read hilariously stupid google news articles. Like studying for my Transport Kinetics midterm that comes very conveniently on the 31st of October.

In the first ten seconds Trump calls Obama black.

Next ten seconds, Trump claims sole credit for the release of Obama’s long form certificate.

Soon Trump announces he has a deal for the President, too good to refuse. Trump will donate 5 million to charity, if Obama releases all his college and passport paperwork and records. Deadline of October 31st.

This is too funny. What will he pay Romney to release his taxes? Who expects their college or university to get anything done in one week?

Last Debate

I am having pizza for dinner. Then a quick trip to the bar for all-day-happy-hour then back home by 9 to see this debate.

I get the feeling Obama is going to be in quite a situation. Let me beat FOX to the punch and guess some verbage:




No Contest

Too be honest, I have heard some great, unbiased things about Obama’s foreign policy (namely Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) but this was all before the Libya Incident. Which has been rightfully jumped on by Romney and team.

Had a good talk about Jon Huntsman with a classmate over lunch today. Seriously, the Republican Party needs to get its clutter in order.

Don’t even get me started on Donald Trump. Advertise on your own time, you fool.